How to unclog the bathtub

One of the most common leaks in the house apart from the kitchen sink is draining the bathtub.

Usually clogged with hair, lint and various other small debris, all amid various cleaning agents, shampoo, gels, oils and other beauty products, which, in time, join the pipe walls.

The easiest solution is the classic pump, only use them in the case of bathtubs is not as effective as in the case of sinks. The challenge overflow drain, designed precisely to avoid leakage of water on the floor, if the water in the tub passes a certain level.

Overflow function – which works exactly like leaking from the bottom of the bathtub, just as it is placed on the wall – is to take water reach his level and to the main channel to drain. Overflow becomes a problem when using the pump, but may be helpful to use for sloppy snake.

When clogged the bathtub have at hand three solutions of varying degrees of difficulty, depending on the severity of the problem and skill everyone. If one does not work, we have to move on to the next.

1.Hand Pump. To use the pump in optimal conditions, release water in the tub, at least 2-3 cm deep. This is where the influence preplinului were talking about above. Overflow pipe and tube from leaking bathtub normal, meet before reaching the trap of the floor. The Pump is effective because it creates pressure tube leak when pressed over it and vacuum, when it is high. By pressing and lifting repeated, alternating the pressure of the vacuum, balls of dirt accumulated on the drainage pipe are pushed toward one of the two ends of the pipe: one in the tub, or at the trap in the floor, where it can be removed manually.

For the pump to function, the overflow must be covered. Uncovered, it allows access to air and water in the drain pipe and pump capacity decreases drastically to create vacuum pressure cycle. Usually to cover it, use different types of tape, but no matter which method you choose, the coverage must be tight.

If the hand pump does not work, go to solution 2.

2. ¬†Substances for sloppy – used as directed on package. These solutions are the most elegant alternative, and as alternative “home ” might as sodium bicarbonate, poured into the main drain, followed by half a cup of water to be trained on a length larger the pipe and then a cup or two of vinegar. The chemical reaction between vinegar and baking could entail moving dirt stuck to the walls of the pipes and you could save by the following surgery.

3. If neither the pump or substances have not worked, then use the ” snake ” – a long wire, thick and flexible. Such a tool can be bought, borrowed or improvised hard steel wire. But be careful with improvisation, not mistakenly drill pipes.

Also, for this, you will need and operation of screwdrivers suitable for removing grates from main drain and overflow.

The snake is inserted through the bottom of the bathtub drain, and by rotation, is coming up as drill pipe, and implicitly ball of misery, appearing in soda. If there was anything wrong, repeat the process by accessing overflow. If after these operations, the bath water is dripping all hard, it’s time to call a plumber, probably because the problem is much deeper. E.C.T DISTRIBUTION¬†UK.