An elegant alternative to the inground swimming pools

While owning an inground swimming pool is a definitive sign that the quality of your lifestyle has improved, they are actually quite expensive to build. But now you have an alternative: the above steel swimming pools, which are elegant and popular and which can have any shape and size you may desire. Furthermore, besides being far cheaper than the inground ones, they are also low maintenance. In this way, the material from which they are made is much more resistant to the weather hazards, such as cold, extreme heat, rain, and others.An elegant alternative to the inground swimming pools

And they aren’t in any way like the inflatable swimming pools, which get ruptured or punctured pretty easily. These elegant pools are the perfect choice you could make – they are practical, low maintenance, they can be used either for fun and splashy times, either for practice. As said, the steel swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes.

Sure enough, most of our clients will go for the readymade swimming pools – the ones which have all the elements premade and which are very easy to install. However, we can provide you with any extra feature that you want, which means that your purchase can be personalized in any way that you want it. In this way, all your need is to tell us what exactly will be the purpose of your new swimming pool.

Thus, you should communicate to us especially the length and depth of the pool, as well as the shape. Rest assured, while the premade ones are easy to install, yours will be too. Stainless steel can be shaped in any way our customers demand it. Read more…

However, we should say that the stainless steel isn’t the only material used. Sure enough, the sustaining buttresses, the walls, the stairs, and so on are made from stainless steel. However, the bottom will be made from smooth concrete slabs, while the waterproofing will be done with PVC materials.

Furthermore, if you want you swimming pool to be as modern as possible, extra features could be added. In this way, if you purchase any of our steel swimming pools, you can also opt to improve your new purchase. So, besides the obligatory filtering and disinfecting systems, you can also opt for a heating system, operated by remote control.

You can also opt for a modern touch panel, which displays all the functions of the swimming pool, such as the heating, the filtering, and the disinfecting systems. If you opt for an indoor swimming pool, you can also install a dehumidifier, which controls the humidity and the heating in the swimming pool room – thus decreasing the heating costs.

There are also other features which can be added. However, the best advice to be given is to pick up the phone and call us. We have professional teams of salesmen on stand-by, ready to give any client only the best pieces of information and guide them towards the best purchase.

And, since this is the cold season, if you opt for an outdoor swimming pool you can benefit from a discount.

So leave aside the pretentious, expensive and high maintenance inground swimming pools. The steel swimming pools are the best alternative you can have. UK Swimming Puls –  Call us and benefit from our special offers!