Discover the new shower drains systems

Walk with us into a whole new and modern world and discover the ECT shower drains of the future

As everybody who has returned home from a long and exhausting day and wanted to have a relaxing and revitalizing shower, we know the importance of efficient and durable shower drains, that won’t turn your relaxing experience into a real live nightmare when the drains and the pluming stops functioning, transforming everything into a disaster. When water gets all over the place, that is the recipe for disaster and that can destroy all your stuff and infiltrate and ruin your bathroom, house and your life. We offer the best solutions in matter of pluming because we understand the need for quality in your life and want to show you how true quality can transform your the shower drains of the future

We are now in the future and the future brings new and amazing things, including numerous innovations in the design and the material that we use in the bathroom or wet room so our house and life becomes better and safer. The designs and the materials, along with the shapes and models are combined to result an amazing product of undeniable quality that will surely bring a lot of comfort and satisfaction into your life. The sky is the limit when it comes to the shapes and sizes that our shower drains come into, that is why we are certain that you will find the perfect model for you, the one that will be the finishing touch to your bathroom or wet room design.

We will be your partners in your amazing experience and journey of creating, designing and building your dream bathroom or wet room. Take us along and we will provide the pluming solutions and the perfect shower floor drains for your amazing new bathroom.  You just let your imagination go free and get the inspiration you need in our complete catalogue that includes our entire collection of shower channel drains, the perfect way to start the renovation of your dream bathroom. The easiest way to achieve perfection and have the bathroom you have always dreamed of is by using the best materials and the products that can offer quality, durability and comfort. You need to stick to the known principle that tells us to never cut back on quality and always choose the products and the materials that can complement you overall design.

The numerous types of design, shapes and models and the most advanced materials in the industry of pluming will surely satisfy your need for quality and your bathroom will have the look that you have always dreamed of and the comfort that you deserve. The relaxation you long for after a long day will be fulfilled by the satisfaction of having this amazing and comfortable space that will last for year and years to come, as what we promise is durability and efficiency. But most important, our products also have a design that will fit all tastes, as the range is varied and the models are specially designed to fit every bathroom, classic or modern, minimalist or chic, all tastes will be satisfied in this amazing universe of shower drains. And if your taste is more special, we can accommodate your ideas by offering the possibility of creating your own model; just give us the specifications and we will build the shower drain that will be the finishing touch in your new and improved bathroom. Don’t give up on your ideals and dreams as you now can rely on our experience and products to transform your bathroom into a dreamy and relaxing space.