Modern wet room drains

Come and purchase a new Stainless channel drainage system for you household and benefit from the best deals on the market and the biggest discounts. Don’t leave this change for the last and you will be able to enjoy relaxing and soothing baths and showers in your new home!

We do know that people tend to dismiss the drain system as being too unimportant and we understand why – for as long as it works properly, it is virtually inexistent. However, because most of the households still have obsolete models of drain systems, problems may and will arise, problems such as water infiltrations, flooding, or simply water overflowing. And each of these will bring further problems, which are certain to ruin your day.New Modern bathroom

Considering that the morning shower is the one who wakes you up completely, any of these issues could ruin your day. Don’t let that happen. So whether you are renovating, whether you are moving into a new home, get your new channel drainage system now and replace the old and obsolete one.

We cannot say that traditional point drains don’t do their job well when new – as a matter of fact, they do it and that is why they can be found in most of the homes and institutions in the UK. However, they do bring with them quite a few problems, as the time passes. And the most important one is that they clog easily. These are basically holes which lead the water and all the impurities directly into the collecting pipe. There the impurities settle and clog the pipe, thus appearing the overflowing, the water infiltration, and the flooding.

Furthermore, the risk of infiltration is also increased because of the positioning of the drain – in the middle of the wet room, or thereabout. For this reason, the floor tiles need to have a concentric inclination, which leads to the aforementioned problem.

But all of these can go away by replacing these drains with obsolete designs with modern ones. And the more modern and more efficient solutions are the linear drains. The channel drainage system is consisted from a long and narrow profiles, which collect the water and its impurities on a larger area, before leading them to the drain pipe. For this reason, the risk of clogging is greatly diminished, since the impurities settle on the profile rather than in the pipe.

For the same reason, the drainage system can also handle larger volumes of water without overflowing. We also need to mention that these special drains are placed beside one of the walls, which means that the floor needs to have just a small inclination towards them – in this way, the linear drains are easier to install, while they also decrease the risk of infiltration. Read more…

Since they are of a modern design, this also means that they can be personalized in any number of ways. Thus, our customers can choose the material from which they are made of, the length, the design of the gratings, and so on. The personalization can go as far as installing accessories such as LED lighting.

Truly this is the modern solution for a modern wet room. For more information, check out our website further. Better yet, give us a call and have our teams of professional technicians guide you towards the best purchase. We are certain that with the new channel drainage system you will be able to enjoy the most relaxing showers and baths, with the least of effort gone into the maintenance of the system.

Turn your bathroom into a true relaxation place

Turn your bathroom into a true relaxation place, the spa that you need at home with the right accessories – choose the shower drains fit your vision

Because we all dream of having a relaxation space at home, the place where you can transform into your own sanctuary of peace and tranquility, you can transform your old and doll bathroom into a chic and modern place where you can get all the relaxation you need without leaving the house. The busy lives we have, the crazy schedules and the crazy hours we have to work transform our need for relaxation into an imperative desire and we all deserve that peace and relaxation after a long day. That is why the house we come back to after work needs to be the home we need and every room has its own purpose and way of helping forget about the stress sand frustrations at work. The living room is where we have fun times with the kids and the bedroom is where we look for privacy and tranquility; the bathroom is equal as important as it has the power to turn us fresh after just one shower. Choose carefully the accessories and your bathroom will be the magical place where you can wash away all your stress and anxiety and restore your vitality. The chromatic and the accessories you use when building it or remodeling it can help you discharge all the negative emotions and become more relaxed and more easy going, full of goo energy. Find the best shower drains with traps.

best relaxation placeWe understand the rejuvenating power of a good shower and of a perfect bathroom or wet room that is why we have designed and created the perfect shower drains that will help you create a modern and relaxing space. We have the technology and the innovative ideas to provide the best shower drains and the accessories to build or designing yourself the most amazing bathroom, a place where modern meet chic and where you can create your own spa.

Creating a chic and trendy place that can show your own personality and meet your standards of quality is not that difficult when you are using good quality products that can provide durability and stand the test of time. Building your own bathroom is not an easy job as you need to consider both esthetic and practical side of things, as you will need to have the security and trust that the drains won’t clog and you won’t have un-expected surprises like flooding or humidity and mold. You need to consider that a bathroom is not easy to remodel and you will be stuck with this for a long time, as the costs involved and often substantial. Therefore you need to make the best decision and use the best products so the end result is something that will give you the guarantee of safety and durability.

The shower drains that we offer come in a wide variety of shapes and models, sizes and designs, so you can make the best choice in terms of quality and esthetics. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and follow your vision, as your reward will be a great place to relax, have the best shower and the most cleansing bath, both mentally and physically.

The bathroom needs to be a place of relaxation, where you can be yourself and where you can wash away the stress and exhaustion and where you can find the freshness that you need to start a new day. Use the best products and the best accessories and you will surely have the bathroom of your dreams.

An elegant alternative to the inground swimming pools

While owning an inground swimming pool is a definitive sign that the quality of your lifestyle has improved, they are actually quite expensive to build. But now you have an alternative: the above steel swimming pools, which are elegant and popular and which can have any shape and size you may desire. Furthermore, besides being far cheaper than the inground ones, they are also low maintenance. In this way, the material from which they are made is much more resistant to the weather hazards, such as cold, extreme heat, rain, and others.An elegant alternative to the inground swimming pools

And they aren’t in any way like the inflatable swimming pools, which get ruptured or punctured pretty easily. These elegant pools are the perfect choice you could make – they are practical, low maintenance, they can be used either for fun and splashy times, either for practice. As said, the steel swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes.

Sure enough, most of our clients will go for the readymade swimming pools – the ones which have all the elements premade and which are very easy to install. However, we can provide you with any extra feature that you want, which means that your purchase can be personalized in any way that you want it. In this way, all your need is to tell us what exactly will be the purpose of your new swimming pool.

Thus, you should communicate to us especially the length and depth of the pool, as well as the shape. Rest assured, while the premade ones are easy to install, yours will be too. Stainless steel can be shaped in any way our customers demand it. Read more…

However, we should say that the stainless steel isn’t the only material used. Sure enough, the sustaining buttresses, the walls, the stairs, and so on are made from stainless steel. However, the bottom will be made from smooth concrete slabs, while the waterproofing will be done with PVC materials.

Furthermore, if you want you swimming pool to be as modern as possible, extra features could be added. In this way, if you purchase any of our steel swimming pools, you can also opt to improve your new purchase. So, besides the obligatory filtering and disinfecting systems, you can also opt for a heating system, operated by remote control.

You can also opt for a modern touch panel, which displays all the functions of the swimming pool, such as the heating, the filtering, and the disinfecting systems. If you opt for an indoor swimming pool, you can also install a dehumidifier, which controls the humidity and the heating in the swimming pool room – thus decreasing the heating costs.

There are also other features which can be added. However, the best advice to be given is to pick up the phone and call us. We have professional teams of salesmen on stand-by, ready to give any client only the best pieces of information and guide them towards the best purchase.

And, since this is the cold season, if you opt for an outdoor swimming pool you can benefit from a discount.

So leave aside the pretentious, expensive and high maintenance inground swimming pools. The steel swimming pools are the best alternative you can have. UK Swimming Puls –  Call us and benefit from our special offers!