Make a an informed decision when choosing a new drainage system

Whether you are moving to a new home, whether you are improving the quality of life in your older one, changing the shower drains isn’t a decision which should be left for the last. Most people do that – and then they realize that the drainage system they always wanted doesn’t fit in the already redecorated wet room. Don’t be one of those people – choose your new drainage system ahead of time and your shower room will look as modern and as stylish as you want it.

And if you want a modern design, you shouldn’t settle on the first thing you see. Making an informed choice always presumes a bit of research. For example, larger families with children should settle for drains with a larger opening, which can handle larger volumes of water – this is just an example, but we think you get the idea.

Then you need to settle on the material the new shower drains are made of. For example, people usually choose the regular stainless steel – it is always classy and it comes with quite a few advantages. However, there are quite a few modern materials, better than the stainless steel, and which might end up being your choice – for example, the antimicrobial materials.your modern bathroom

And then there is the shape you need to settle on. Most of our customers usually want the traditional point drain systems, which are usually round or square in shape. They are the cheaper choice to be made and they come with all sorts of grating designs. However, recently, more and more of our customers decide on the linear drains, which are a step ahead of the traditional ones: chic, with modern designs, and able to handle larger volumes of water, these easy to install drains should be the choice everybody makes. Shower Drainage Systems ECT LTD

Sure enough, they are just a bit more expensive than the point drain systems. However, for example, they don’t clog as easily as the alternative – because they gather the water on a larger area, so does happen with the impurities. The linear drains are also low-maintenance – just use a piece of cloth to wipe and you won’t have to worry for a couple of weeks.

Give us a call, no matter what type of shower drains you might choose, and you will have the chance of personalizing your purchase. For example, there is a trend among our customers to insert LED lighting into the linear drains – they can be as inconspicuous as possible, but they can also add to the aesthetics of your wet room.

This shouldn’t be the last on your list. Call us and our teams of professionals will guide you in the right direction. After installing your new drain system, you will be able to enjoy your baths and your showers, just like anybody should.

So say goodbye to water infiltrating beneath the tiles. Say goodbye to the stress of water overflowing. Purchase now and benefit from a special discount! Purchase now your new shower drain!

Fun’s not over ‘till the snow falls

If you are searching for swimming pools for sale, then you are one of those people who still believe that cold weatherbegins just when snow started falling. And, by all means, it is exactly so. Even if this is the fall and even is we are actually well beyond the good old summer days, there are still moments in which you just wish having your own swimming pool.Fun’s not over ‘till the snow falls

Of course, nothing beats an actual swimming pool, in which you can swim anytime you may wish – and if it is indoors, all the better. But buying and using a premade vinyl swimming pool comes with all the advantages, including the fact that they are very low maintenance. Thus, if you do actually have an inground swimming pool, you will have to clean it and change the water and so on even if you are not using it.

So searching for swimming pools for sale might just be the best idea. But how can you choose what is right for you and your family? What types of premade swimming pools should be the ones you should keep an eye out for?

Well, the first answer lies within the question itself – for how many people is the swimming pool intended? If it is just for a couple of adults, then go ahead and but it as big as you want it – there are actually no limitations as to how large a vinyl swimming pool may be. However, if it is intended for small children, then you should consider their safety. Thus, a smaller and shallower one would do just fine.

Then you have to take into consideration the manufacturers, the one with the most varied offer – it is them who have the swimming pools manufactured from the most resistant materials. There are tons of manufacturers on the market – so how will you know who the best is? Well, you can always give us a call and find out more information.

Of course, when calling us, our professional teams of salesmen will always guide you in buying adjacent products – which are as useful and necessary as the swimming pools for sale themselves. For example, if you decide on a rather larger swimming pool, you should also purchase some substances for the water disinfection. There are quite a few of them – but usually people just go with a chlorine based substance.

In this way, especially in the hot season, you won’t have to empty the swimming pool on a daily basis. For the same reason, you should also consider buying a tarp or something to cover the pool – if it is large enough, of course. In this way, overnight, there won’t fall any leaves or bugs in the water – which in turn will spare you of the chore of cleaning the pool yourself. Tips…

Lastly, and as another example, you could always purchase some chairs, some chaise longues, and even an umbrella. We know that splashing in the water is fun – but you’ll also come out eventually and just sunbathe.

So yes – the cold season may be upon us. But not just yet. For those few sunny days that will certainly come, you should definitely search for the best swimming pools for sale. Consider our offer and purchase cheaper swimming pools now, at a much lower price!